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311B4347-36BF-4D74-8358-225B2796C6A8.jpegSo many times I have heard, “My grandma’s friend’s brother is a photographer, he’s going to take my senior pictures.”

More often than not, grandma’s friends brother has no photographic training whatsoever, has an entry level camera, and does not understand the first thing about lighting, as well.


Watching a photography video on YouTube, no more makes you a photographer, than watching a video about Bob Villa’s home improvement makes you a building contractor. Think about that for a second, and let that sink in.

Buying an upscale tablesaw does not make you an expert Carpenter.

The tool, does not define the craftsman!  Training and experience makes the craftsman, and those are expensive. The trained carpenter or builder does not do his work for free, or at a discounted price, and neither does the professional photographer.

Training is not acquired by trial and error, nor does it come in the box the camera comes in.

I wish there was a place that I could compile all of the people who have come to me and asked me to try to fix an inexperienced photographer’s work. Senior portraits can be reshot, but wedding photography cannot be.

If you’re going to have portraits made and pay for them, hire a professional …so you don’t have to do them over again!

Larry Byerly – Professional Photographer

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