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Yep!… it’s BASEBALL season again.

These T-ball players are so cute. It amazes me how these little tiny humans pick up so fast on major-league attributes!

They are so exciting to watch… but the cool part is, they never strike out!

They get to swing until they hit, run until the coach says stop, and drinks at the end for everybody… oh… and snacks too!

Mini-Sessions… One Week Only!
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time!p2 mini-session card - side a - 5x7

Young people today seem to think of printed portraits the same way they do    relationships and family. “Oh, they’ll be there tomorrow”… or “I have enough pictures on my phone…” Wait until the phone gets dropped in the water, or lost… then where’s all your memories? In the toilet… Literally!

Some say, “I can take just as good of a picture than my friend’s mother, and she’s a professional photographer!” The fact is… she’s right… about taking a comparable picture, because that mother has a $600 camera and absolutely no photographic training!

I don’t want to rant… but I am so tired of these people who buy an expensive camera (if you call $600 expensive) and then label themselves a professional photographer! They shoot their crappy pictures and undersell the professionals, then when they do a wedding, because they think they’re pretty good photographers, and the images are too dark, or blurry… they try to find a professional to fix them for them!


When the cake is gone… and the gifts wear out… all you have left is your wedding photography! Don’t trust it to a novice! Hire a real professional photographer! Get referrals from people who have had them do a wedding… not just because they took good pictures once. Everybody has a good day, but a beginner photographer is a bad day waiting for a place to happen. Don’t let it be your wedding day they destroy.

Knowledge of posing and lighting is just as important…        no… more important than an expensive camera.


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wedding price list


Developing Life…

….One Frame At A Time!

2019 Seniors! August booking special…
12 image CD copyright free… $200 + tax! (AUGUST ONLY)
MUST BOOK BY JULY 31, 2018. Call today, time slots will fill up fast! 419 543-1370

311B4347-36BF-4D74-8358-225B2796C6A8.jpegSo many times I have heard, “My grandma’s friend’s brother is a photographer, he’s going to take my senior pictures.”

More often than not, grandma’s friends brother has no photographic training whatsoever, has an entry level camera, and does not understand the first thing about lighting, as well.


Watching a photography video on YouTube, no more makes you a photographer, than watching a video about Bob Villa’s home improvement makes you a building contractor. Think about that for a second, and let that sink in.

Buying an upscale tablesaw does not make you an expert Carpenter.

The tool, does not define the craftsman!  Training and experience makes the craftsman, and those are expensive. The trained carpenter or builder does not do his work for free, or at a discounted price, and neither does the professional photographer.

Training is not acquired by trial and error, nor does it come in the box the camera comes in.

I wish there was a place that I could compile all of the people who have come to me and asked me to try to fix an inexperienced photographer’s work. Senior portraits can be reshot, but wedding photography cannot be.

If you’re going to have portraits made and pay for them, hire a professional …so you don’t have to do them over again!

Larry Byerly – Professional Photographer

Most schools have a February 15th deadline for yearbook photos. We’re still crankin’ them out for those “busy” seniors that haven’t had their senior portraits done yet. Tyler just had his done tonight, and his yearbook image is chosen and being printed as we speak! Go Edison Tigers!Barron2018YBweb

Give us a call at 419 543-1370 to schedule your sitting NOW!

Why should you consider Larry Byerly Photography for all of your portrait needs?
1. Larry was a sales manager for United Laboratories out of Dallas, Texas in the
early 1970’s. Portrait sales and customer service was among his duties, as
well as managing his sales team.
2. After Joining the U.S. Army in 1979, Larry became a Staff
Writer/Photographer for the 3rd Infantry Division newspaper. His duties were
to coordinate unit activities in the division, and photograph those activities
and write compelling stories about them, for printing in the division
newspaper “Frontline”. Larry was assigned to Stars and Stripes
photojournalist Don Tate, as an “extra photographer” during the “Tank
Olympics” in Bergen Bergen, Germany.
3. Larry opened the first-ever Ft. Ord post photographer at Ft. Ord, California,
photographing entire units (companies) and Individual/Family portraits as
4. Larry worked in the glamor studio as a staff photographer at Prizm Studios in
Mansfield, Ohio, strictly a studio-setting shooting high fashion and glamor
5. Larry was the Official Miss Ohio Pageant photographer 1995, ’96, and ’97.
Larry’s duties during pageant week was to follow the candidates to their predetermined
stops, recording their exciting week on film. On the final day of
the pageant, Larry offered the ladies individual albums of their personal
images captured during the week.
6. Larry has operated portrait studios in Lampassas, Texas …Salinas, California…
and Mansfield, Ohio.
7. Larry has worked for both United Church Directories, and Universal Church
Directories, and has photographed church directories as Larry Byerly
Photography as well.
But… Aside from a ton of experience, what else sets Larry Byerly Photography
apart from all other photographers? OVER 450 BACKGROUNDS!
Not green-screen… Not post-production… Virtual Backgrounds is a frontprojection
system that allows the camera to see the background and the subject
simultaneously before, during and after the captured image. Both the subject
and background are recorded as a single image on the camera’s sensor,
discarding the need to cut-and-paste, giving the photographer free creative
reign in his/her ability to provide the client with one-of-a-kind camera-artistry
not available to any other photographers.
Developing Life… One Frame At A Time!

Now you can have Larry Byerly Photography attend your son or daughter’s game and have him record images that you can own without copyright!

That’s right, Larry will attend the game, shoot action images of your child, and create a beautiful artistic portrait for you, and you own the final image!

Get the Moms together and have him create images for all of you!

Just give us a call for details and walk away this summer with an artistic masterpiece for your child’s wall.

Call for details now!… 419 543-1370

It is human trait… Procrastination! Usually when you procrastinate, you lose something… Money, time, focus… the list goes on.

If you are a 2017 high school senior, and you’ve been putting off having your senior portraits made, you are a WINNER! We’re having a 2017 Senior Portrait Blowout!

When you schedule your 2017 Senior portrait reservation with Larry Byerly Photography between November 20th and December 15th, You will get $25 Off your session fee, and a complimentary 16-Wallets added to your package!

Give us a call today at 419 543-1370 to schedule your senior portrait reservation NOW!porchwindow

Did you ever dream about being a supermodel? Well, this may be a stepping stone to your dreams!

We are looking for a couple of models for our 2017 Senior Portrait Campaign.

“What are the qualifications”, You ask?

1. You must be a junior or senior in high school, male or female.

2. You must be excited about being a supermodel for our studio, and show your portfolio off to all your friends.

3. You must be able, and willing to attend at least 3 model shoots during this school year, and one group-shoot with other models from our studio.

4. Pass out business cards (that we make for you with your photo on them) to other juniors or seniors you may know.

5. Have your senior portraits made exclusively by Larry Byerly Photography.

It’s that simple! If you are interested, give us a call at 419 543-1370 and we will schedule a consultation with you and get you started toward your modeling goal!

Call now! Only a few positions are available! 419 543-1370


It’s that time of year again!  Back to school!  Only this year, YOU ARE A SENIOR!

Don’t waste your time and money going to a studio that only has 4 or 5 backgrounds to choose from.

These are your senior year portraits, don’t let mom take you to a friend of hers that just bought a camera, and wants to get them done real cheap!

We don’t do snapshots, we make your dreams come to life! With over 40 years experience in the photography industry, as a previous photographer for the US Army, and former Miss Ohio  pageant photographer, we can’t create it… Grunge to Glamor!

With over 450 backgrounds to choose from, your dreams will come true in your senior portraits this year !

Schedule your private free consultation today at 419 543-1370,  and let us help you make those dreams come true !

Call before August 31st and get 50% off your session fee! Call now! Sessions are booking fast!